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Department of Land Administration and Information

Over the years the land question has continued to be an emotive and sensitive issue in Kenya. But even as much as the land issue was at the centre for the struggle of independence from colonialism in the country, the study of land as a resource for national development has not been given much prominence in academic and professional circles in the country. The study of land development and land economics has focused more on land valuation, estate management, and property development with little focus on land policy issues including administration. The new Kenya Constitution, 2010, has placed considerable emphasis on the proper administration and management of public land.

In order to implement the provisions in the constitution in respect to land, considerable expertise in this area will be needed. In order to give this area of study commensurate presence within the University, the programme of study has been developed and established in the Department of Land Administration and Information. The programmes in the Department cover issues to deal with policy and technical aspects of public land administration including land tenure, cadastral systems, land registration and land information management.